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Simple Ajax Calendar Simple Ajax Calendar
No more page refreshes when navigating a calendar on your website! AJAX does all the work behind the scenes so your website users have a better experience. So easy to install, just FTP to your site and you're done! Start ...
(Hits: 8862 | Votes: 14 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2007-09-05 05:39:19)
Free Super AJAX Calendar Free Super AJAX Calendar
Free Super AJAX Calendar (requires PHP & MySQL). It includes lots of new features and a visual...
(Hits: 7817 | Votes: 6 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2008-01-13 12:54:34)
Quick Calendar Quick Calendar
Online calendars are often used in many web applications. Though popular, the logic behind creating a calendar can be scary especially for those who are new to programming. There are many web calendars in the market but ...
(Hits: 7790 | Votes: 13 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2007-09-17 07:07:33)
Time Frame Ajax calendar

A click-and-drag timeframe, with a function for defining ranges. A better calendar. Check out the demo

Click-draggable. Range-mak ...

(Hits: 7605 | Votes: 18 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2009-03-13 02:20:15)
web2cal - ajax drag drop events calendar web2cal - ajax drag drop events calendar
Web2Calendar makes it very easy to mimic outlook style or google style calendar on your website or applications. It is extremely customizable. Multiple views like day, week, month,agenda, workshift, work week. You can b ...
(Hits: 7471 | Votes: 21 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2009-07-16 07:19:48)

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