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The Ajax CMS for today. And tomorrow.

MODx is 100% buzzword compliant, and makes child's play of building content managed sites with validating, accessible CSS layouts – hence Ajax CMS. It empowers its users to build engaging "Web 2.0" sites today, with its pre-integrated Scriptaculous and Prototype libraries. If you're a CSS designer or Ajax aficionado, this is the CMS for you; and if you like what you see today, you'll love what's coming.

Techies call MODx a Content Management Framework ("CMF"): equal parts custom web app builder and Content Management System ("CMS"). With a flexible API and a robust event override system, MODx makes building engaging web projects straightforward — or changing core functionality without hacking the core code possible. Custom tweaks won't leave you pulling out your hair when it's time to upgrade.

Not only does MODx help you build sites quickly, but it also is both robust and simple. As far as end-users know, MODx is just an easy-to-use online application; for developers there's freely available resources and a fantastic end-user community.


MODx helps you build sites that perform well in search engines – in fact, we think it's a great SEO CMS. Human readible URLs that Google loves is part of the reason, and allowing you to build tight, semantic XHTML/CSS also plays a role. Discover more in our features section.

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