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Google Maps using MySQL and Java script GIS - AJAX Script

This PHP / Mysql script allows users of your website to create their own custom Google Maps. The script is very simple to use, all it requires is a Mysql database and a Google Maps Api Key. Users can add their location to the database simply by clicking on the map. You can create an unlimited amount of different maps.

To Install:

Create a mysql database and edit the config.php with the the database details, your site url and the google maps api key. Upload the the files and test, it should work fine.


Users get their own custom map powered by your mysql database. Click on a location on the map, add your name and that's it really, when the user presses 'add point' their location is added to the map. The map url can be shared with a community so that the whole community can add their location and people know where they are from. Great to see the global spread of users on your forum or something!

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