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We have just released version 2.0.1 of SPAW Editor PHP Edition.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried SPAW Editor v.2! Your feedback was extremely helpful. Version 2.0.1 is available for immediate download from our download page

The most notable changes in this version are in File Manager plugin. Support for subdirectories and file renaming were added. Talking about editor core image properties dialog was updated to include image preview and constrain image proportions.

On the bug fixing side the main achievement is a fix to the “Access denied” error in some installations of Internet Explorer 6.

These are only a few of the many changes in the 2.0.1 release. Here’s a complete change log:

  1. FEATURE ADDED: SpawFm plugin: browse/create/rename/delete subdirectories
  2. FEATURE ADDED: SpawFm plugin: rename files (file extensions cannot be changed except case)
  3. FEATURE ADDED: SpawFm plugin: optional ‘fsdir’ parameter to specify absolute filesystem path to directory
  4. FEATURE ADDED: SpawFm plugin: files list sorted by name
  5. FEATURE ADDED: implemented constrain proportions feature in image properties dialog
  6. FEATURE ADDED: image preview in image properties dialog
  7. FEATURE ADDED: added insertHtmlAtSelection() API method which inserts specified string
  8. FEATURE ADDED: added selectionWalk API function allowing to specify a function which would be called on every node in current selection
  9. BUGFIX: “Access denied” error occurred on loading in some installations of IE6
  10. BUGFIX: specifying toolbarset as a parameter to constructor resulted in PHP error
  11. BUGFIX: added code to dialog.php to check if the session has already been started (in case it’s autostarted on the server)
  12. BUGFIX: SPAW was stealing focus under IE when page loads
  13. BUGFIX: background image button wasn’t working in table and table cell properties dialogs
  14. BUGFIX: focus wasn’t set to the currently visible editing area when switching between html/design modes which caused minor problems in IE
  15. BUGFIX: absolute URLs were not correctly stripped if the URL was below spaw’s directory (moved empty.html into it’s own directory)
  16. BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: use full URL for images preview
  17. BUGFIX: removed onfocus event handler from iframe’s because it was called constantly in IE in floating toolbar mode
  18. BUGFIX: toolbar wasn’t correctly positioned in floating mode under Gecko when document was with XHTML doctype
  19. BUGFIX: enctype attribute was lost on FORM tags
  20. BUGFIX: value and type attributes were lost on input tags under IE (type=”text” only)
  21. IMPROVEMENT: added window.focus() to dialogs to activate dialogs when they load or when returning from other dialogs (like file manager)
  22. IMPROVEMENT: when returning from one dialog to another (like from file manager to image properties) focus is set to appropriate field
  23. IMPROVEMENT: OK button is now triggered by pressing enter in dialogs
  24. COSMETIC IMPROVEMENT: optimized dialog resizing algorithm a little (so there’s a little less flickering under IE and Opera)
  25. COSMETIC IMPROVEMENT: dialogs are resized and centered only when they open (when navigating through directories in file manager it won’t resize and center)
  26. COSMETIC IMPROVEMENT: hyperlink dialog wasn’t sized properly
  27. COSMETIC IMPROVEMENT: dialogs open centered

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