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Ajax poller - AJAX Script

A poller script that uses Ajax to send vote to the server and receives vote results from the server. The results are displayed in some animated graphs.


PHP and mySql required

This script requires that you have PHP installed on your server and access to a mySql database.

Files included in package

  • ajax-poller.html = Main HTML file. Contains some HTML code and some PHP code. You will find the code for the poller between the comments <!-- START OF POLLER --> and <!-- END OF POLLER -->.
  • ajax-poller-cast-vote.php = This file is called by ajax when someone casts a vote. This file updates the database and returns vote results as XML back to ajax-poller.html
  • dbConnect.php = File included by ajax-poller and ajax-poller-cast-vote.php. This file connect the scripts to your database
  • js/ajax-poller.js = Main Javascript file for this script.
  • js/ajax.js = Ajax (Library from
  • css/ajax-poller.css = Cascading style sheet for the poller
  • images/* = images used by the script
  • createDbTables.php = Installation file. This file creates the default database tables you need for this script. Just put in connection and data and execute the file in your browser


This is a step by step guide on how to configure this script

  1. Modify dbConnect.php. Insert your dbName, username and password. You may have to create a new database.
  2. Edit createDbTables.php. Insert your dbName, username and password and execute the script in your web browser
  3. Now, try to open ajax-poller.html in your web browser

Javascript variables

You will find some variables at the top of ajax-poller.js which you could modify:

var serverSideFile = 'ajax-poller-cast-vote-php';
var voteLeftImage = 'images/graph_left_1.gif';
var voteRightImage = 'images/graph_right_1.gif';
var voteCenterImage = 'images/graph_middle_1.gif';

var graphMaxWidth = 120; // It will actually be a little wider than this because of the rounded image at the left and right
var graphMinWidth = 15; // Minimum size of graph
var pollScrollSpeed = 5; // Lower = faster var useCookiesToRememberCastedVotes = true;

  • serverSideFile = Path to the PHP file that is called by ajax.
  • voteLeftImage, voteRightImage and voteCenterImage = Path to the graph images
  • graphMaxWidth = Max width of graph
  • graphMinWidth = Min width of graph
  • pollScrollSpeed = Speed of animation. Lower value = faster animation
  • useCookiesToRememberCastedVotes = If set to true, use cookie to prevent user from casting more than one vote


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