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Table Sorting and Filtering - AJAX Script

Tabular data in table form is common on web sites and web applications, and a common requirement is to manipulate the data tables on the client side, rather than going back to the server to sort, filter, page, etc. This library offers the key functionality that is typical - the most common of which is client-side table sorting.

Some of the key features of this library are:

  • Sorting is fast. Much faster than most other libraries, due to a number of optimizations
  • Rowspan and Colspan in headers will not confuse the code
  • Alternate row coloring (a common item) is handled by re-shading after sorting or filtering
  • Tbody contents are handled separately, so there can be separate sortable sections of a table
  • Easy CSS classes are applied to cells after filtering, sorting, etc which you can hook into from your CSS rules to show the sorted column or the cells which are filtered.

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