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1. Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object

As deployment of XML data and web services becomes more widespread, you may occasionally find it convenient to connect an HTML presentation directly to XML data for interim updates without reloading the page. Thanks to the little-known XMLHttpRequest...
15/03/2007 | 4299 Hit(s) | 0 comment(s) | (1 vote) | Read more...

2. Dissecting ColdFusion and AJAX

One of the most annoying things about the Web page paradigm is that you have to reload the page whenever you want to do something on the server side. If you want to do a site search, it's sprinkled across two pages. 10/02/2007 | 3929 Hit(s) | 0 comment(s) | (1 vote) | Read more...

3. Drag-and-Drop Shopping Cart with AJAX

Keeping up with the latest Web technologies is tough nowadays. Every week it seems new sites are launched that push the envelope further and further in terms of what can be accomplished using just a Web browser. n...

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