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A collection of beautiful, ajax powered image galleries. They all have demos, so you can review them before choose one for your project.

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jAlbum jAlbum

Want an easy way to make static HTML or Flash-based photo galleries? Try a free Java program called jAlbum. You can easily make online photo galleries with this program, or use it to make a photo galle ...

(Hits: 66008 | Votes: 143 | Visited: 1 | Added: 2006-12-16 18:04:05)
AJAX Slideshow AJAX Slideshow

It resizes, it transitions, it fades in and out and it's not flash! The new AJAX slideshow on the homepage of my site comes to you courtesy of Scott Upton at Uptonic. This smooth, easy to use delig ...

(Hits: 45788 | Votes: 151 | Visited: 1 | Added: 2006-12-16 17:39:04)
Suckerfish Hoverlightbox Suckerfish Hoverlightbox
If you are a fan of clever CSS, check out Suckerfish Hoverlightbox that combines Suckerfish, Hoverbox, and Lighbox into an interesting photo viewing solution.
(Hits: 43943 | Votes: 94 | Visited: 2 | Added: 2006-12-16 17:55:41)
minishowcase minishowcase

minishowcase is a small and simple php/javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX/JSON that lets you put easily your images in an online gallery, withou ...

(Hits: 31888 | Votes: 91 | Visited: 1 | Added: 2006-12-12 04:10:51)
jQuery Carousel - Ajax image slider jQuery Carousel - Ajax image slider
The items, which can be static HTML content or loaded with AJAX, can be scrolled back and forth (with or without animation). Several examples illustrate the possibilities of jCarousel. To use the jCarousel component, i ...
(Hits: 27743 | Votes: 63 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2007-07-09 06:13:32)

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