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There are quite a few WYSIWYG editors around, many of them free - and some of them, such as FCK Editor, TinyMCE and others, are really excellent.

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Wyzz WYSIWYG Editor Wyzz WYSIWYG Editor

Wyzz is a very small, very light WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor for use in your web applications. It's written in JavaScript, and is free (as in speech and as in beer) for you t ...

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Free Rich Text Editor Free Rich Text Editor

What is Free Rich Text Editor?

Free Rich Text Editor is an extremely easy to use FREE javascript based HTML WYSIWYG editor for y ...

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FCKEditor FCKEditor
This HTML text editor brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word. It's lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer.
Because i ...
(Hits: 9046 | Votes: 17 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2007-01-23 18:01:37)
Easy AJAX inline text edit 2.0

how it works

A small piece of javascript reads al SPAN tags, checks if it has class="editText" and a id=. If that is true, it adds a oncl ...

(Hits: 8037 | Votes: 10 | Visited: 0 | Added: 2007-02-04 16:40:13)

We have just released version 2.0.1 of SPAW Editor PHP Edition.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried SPAW Editor v.2! Your feedback was extremel ...

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